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Bento Bag

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Mavis and Osborn Bento bags are reusable with endless uses. We like to use them for buying bulk grains, nuts and produce or for using as a lunch bag. They are perfect for wrapping bread bag for the table, taking clay and pottery tools to and from the studio, or simply for wrapping gifts. Keep them in your bag, car or home for easy use.

The Bento bag is like a soft bucket that has 2 ties that knot together to secure contents. Fill with your goodies and tie the peaks together, you can also use as a bag if you tie a knot near the end of the ties to leave a gap in the top of the bag for your hand to hold onto.

XS — Extra Small Approx 10cm x 10cm Base (Snack bag or nuts)
S — Small Approx 15cm x 15cm Base (Bulk grains)
M — Medium Approx 25cm x 25cm Base  (The lunch bag size)
L — Large Approx 35cm x 35cm Base  (Perfect for pottery)
XL — Extra Large Approx 55cm x 55cm Base (The carry bag alternative) 
XXL — Extra Extra Large 100cm x 100cm (Idea for a lego playmat) 

100% Linen

Machine Washable and being made from Linen they are very quick to dry.

Please note: Our Laundry Bags and Frames are often sent out as two separate packages. We always aim to have them delivered on the same day, but due to the nature of our locations this doesn't always happen. Thank you for your patience ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡